It’s been a busy little week round the Thistle Patch, although a fire alarm at work in the freezing cold last Friday has left me back in the lovely sneezy/coughy state of the week before again *sigh*  Still, I managed the last of the 12″ Moda Building Blocks, finished making the Advanced Camp Bag Pattern and also my Quilt Now 22 project so it didn’t slow me down too much.  Finally I made a bit of an advance in an upcoming plan I have, I just need to get a WordPress blog designer to put the other part in place – anyone got any suggestions?  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that after a year I’m not going to find the time to do it myself…

Finishes This Week:

This is the Advanced Camp Bag pattern for the Sew Brit Bag Camp coming up next month.  The pattern will be for sale after the event for both the Mainstream and Advanced options.  Apologies for the not so stellar lighting here, I finished it at 11:30 pm on Sunday:

This little lot, In Theory barkcloth by Jessica Jones for Cloud 9 Fabrics, is now a Quilt Now Issue 22 project:

In Progress This Week:

Whenever I had a little downtime in the evenings of the previous week I cut bits for the last of the 12″ Moda Building Blocks, and on Thursday night, I sewed them all together – there might be something to this cutting in advance lark!

Block 14:

Block 12:

Block 16:

Block 18:

This nicest bit about the last one was the accidental meeting of the pattern at the point of one of the geese:

In case you’re wondering the current collection looks like this:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Writing up the Advanced Camp Bag Pattern
Going to the ice hockey with some friends on Saturday
Anything else I fancy sewing!

Hope you all have a great week :o)