Alas, the evil work elves took over a large chunk of my last week, but I did get a chance to write up the Advanced Bag Pattern for Sew Brit Bag Camp, all the camp supply lists and pattern pieces, write my QN 22 pattern, make a little something for Mother’s Day and go to an ice hockey game and the pub with some friends from work on Saturday night.  Huh, that actually seems like quite a lot for a 55 odd hour work week!

Wow, the ice hockey was a serious trip down memory lane to my 16 year old exchange student self, sitting with my friends in a very cold and draughty SJHL rink in a tiny town in Saskatchewan, Canada, watching games 3 or 4 times a week throughout the winter for the princely sum of about $4 CDN a time.  On Saturday night the Braehead Clan were playing the Belfast Giants, which led to a slight inner conflict as to who to support, but the city of my birth beat the city of my home 5-2, so you can decide who Jack and I plumped for in the end ;o)

Finishes This Week:

This spool has now become a Mother’s Day present (if you know what it now is please don’t say so in the comments, the recipient stalks me ;o) )  Bear for scale, he’s staying here…

In Progress This Week:

During a conference call last Thursday, when I was working from home, I pulled together some fabrics for the next few 6″ Moda Building Blocks which are sitting in a sad little pile in the corner of my cutting table, it wasn’t even worth taking a photo!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish writing up the Mainstream Bag Camp Pattern
Sew at least one of those Building Blocks, I need to just sew something for me before I lose my mind!
There’s more extra day job work on the horizon too :o/

Hope you all have a fabulous and productive week!