It was another one of those annoying weeks where I had to adult.  You know the ones, where you have to do such exciting things as taking your recycling to the tip, getting your car washed and cashing a cheque at the bank (I really do wish share dividends that amount to under £10 were just paid directly into your bank account!), and that was only the edited highlights before taking into account the fact that I was working at 7:30 on Sunday morning until lunchtime.  Yep, living the dream ;o)

Anyway. I did get a few sewing bits and pieces done amongst the boring stuff, like step outs for some alternative pocket options for the Mainstream Camp Bag, and finally last night getting to a few more Moda Building Blocks.  I do hope your week was marginally more exciting!

Finishes This Week:

Well this was last week really, but now I can actually show you my present to mum for Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Did you guess what it would be?:

I also took some photos of the murals on The Clutha bar (where the helicopter crashed) when I walked into town on Sunday.  I’d like to think that Spike Milligan would have found it hilarious that he’d been silenced by rubbish and that Billy Connolly would have acknowledged his audience with a wry smile, but I think Gerry Rafferty may have been less amused:

In Progress This Week:

I’m almost done with my interfacing demo for Camp, just the newly arrived Bosal to add to the packs then labelling can commence:

Here’s blocks 21, 25 and 27 from the 6″ set of the Moda Building Blocks, still loads to go!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Psyching myself up for Bag Camp
Getting all my demos sorted out
Maybe a few more Building Blocks…

Hope you all have a great week!