When I started my blog 6 years ago it was a simple diary of what I was up to with my bearmaking, with a few crazy blog hops and things thrown in, and over the years it has morphed from bear making to sewing, and then expanded to include tutorials and reviews.  While Blogger was a great platform to start out with, I finally, grudgingly, admitted to myself last year that it wasn’t really up to all I wanted it to do any more, so I started the process to migrate everything over to WordPress, a platform that has all sorts of gizmos and gadgets to allow me to expand on what I can give to you, my readers.

The lovely Sarah at Spun Monkey Designs rescued me when I realised I’d taken on too many things at once, and she and her team have moved, tidied and polished what I had, utilising all sorts of weapons in an arsenal I didn’t even know existed, never mind thought of bringing into play!

Let me show you around a little of the new site:

On all pages you’ll see the menu at the top.  On the home page, there’s a slider underneath that shows some of my previous work:


A little lower down you can choose to enter my Blog, the Shop, or to look at my Tutorials, and at the foot of each page you can check out what I’m up to on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook:


The Blog is hopefully self explanatory (since you’re reading it now!), and the Shop will take you to all the things I have for sale.  At the moment this consists of all my bag patterns, however watch this space for future developments.  The good news for those in the EU is that the price you see is now the price you pay (while on the old Payhip site it was added on at the checkout).  As part of the new site launch I’ve included a coupon code SITELAUNCH16 which will get you 50% off all purchases this week.


The main Tutorial page shows absolutely all the tutorials that I’ve ever done, however if you check out the tutorials menu drop down at the top, you can choose from particular subcategories to help you find exactly what you’re looking for:



I’ll let you explore the rest of the site on your own, but I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have on the new look.