This year Kerry Goulder (@kidgiddy) is running a weekly photo prompt series on Instagram.  Each week a guest posts a theme for people to interpret and this week it’s my turn with ‘Bobbin Along’


I’m asking for a little help with my post though.  That lot above is all my bobbins for Big Brother (we’re not going there on Felicity Featherweight’s bobbins, although there’s considerably less of them).  At the moment they live in a box, and I grabbed some Bobbin Buddies from Simply Solids a few weeks ago for when I travel and just want one or two spools and bobbins with me.:


The thing is, as you can see above, they’ve outgrown their box (which was never designed for bobbins anyway) and I can’t afford a million and one Bobbin Buddies, so I’m wondering, how do you store your bobbins?  Do you have a better solution for me?  Answers in the comment box!