So I’m hoping that a few more of you have found me today.  You may have noticed that we’re now hanging out in a new location, but alas Bloglovin’ was about 3 days behind everything else so 970 odd of you were probably completely oblivious before today!  Anyway, I did a wee intro post to the new site here if you’d like to check it out.

Onwards with the WIP Wednesday mission… Ahh, it feels nice to be back and tracking things regularly again.  I feel these weekly posts keep me on track with things I need to do, in fact they also remind me of things I’d forgotten about (usually while gaily agreeing to take on yet another other thing!).  I’ve had a few weeks off while I was at Bag Camp and then visiting friends and then finishing my blog migration, and after a week and a half of getting everyone else’s sewing done (don’t even get me started on Greek costume day!) I’ve had about a week and a half where my sewing could be more relaxed and more for me.  I’ve felt my creative juices start to flow again, ideas are pinging around my head, and a recent commission will actually concentrate my mind on realising one of my ideas sooner rather than later – I think I do better with a deadline to make me write a pattern for some reason.

I’m going to summarise for the last few weeks, and let’s just say I didn’t sew everything here ;o)

Finishes This Month:

These are all the bags my Advanced students made at Bag Camp.  I love how they’re all a bit different, and everyone had their own spin on the fabric and did a bit of mix and matching with the mainstream pattern.  I’ll do a full show off post later this week, so this is just a sample:


Remember that Greek costume I mentioned?  Well when I was at my friend’s house after Camp, her 9 year old daughter casually mentioned at 8:30 one evening that she had to go to school the next day in an Ancient Greek outfit.  Nae bother then…  My friend’s mum also happens to live with them now and she likes to sew, although she hasn’t had much of a chance of late, so she raided her stash for some fabric and dug out her machine and I got sewing!  As my mum observed, it could have been worse, her friend’s daughter required a mott and bailey construction out of cake…

I also got QN Issue 23’s project in the post just in the nick of time!  I’m going to be more on the ball this month, I have an idea already, honest!

In Progress This Month:

You may recall from posts gone by that I’ve been working on the Moda Building Blocks quilt entirely from my stash while trying to match the original blocks’ colours.  I did about 4 blocks last November, but the rest have been done very sporadically since the new year in between other projects.  Just before Bag Camp I chopped up fabric for the 23 remaining 6″ blocks, thinking I might magically find time at Camp or at my friend’s house (ha!) but instead I just worked my way through the wee bags in the last week and a bit, so here’s what they look like:


Oh, I’m sorry, did you think they’d all be laid out?!  There’s 23 blocks there for crying out loud!  And for at least 2 of them I was wondering if I’d completely lost my mind.  Remembering that these are 6″ blocks, this one has 48 pieces:


While this one has a mere 45:


I’ve now got all the panels sewn up, and I’ve joined the top 3 panels together, so just the bottom ones left to do now, and a hope for some rain free days so I can get a photo of the completed top (this is definitely one for hanging at the pet carpark)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • My parents have commissioned me to make a present for a friend of theirs, so I’ve pulled the fabrics and I have an idea for a pattern in mind and I’d like to get on with it this week
  • Finish the Moda Building Blocks top (realistically it’s going to be some time before it’s quilted!)
  • Start working out the pattern for QN Issue 24

Hope you all have a great and productive week!