It was one of those weeks where I theoretically didn’t have to go anywhere, and just had to make a bag.  I do this to myself every time – I imagine that a pattern will flow forth from my fingertips in an hour on Saturday morning and by Sunday I’ll be done.  I’m never done.  In fact this time I hadn’t sewn a stitch by Sunday evening.  I had worked everything out though, including working out that I didn’t have the thread I needed to actually sew any of the bits together for the 2 bags I decided I needed to make simultaneously while writing this pattern, because, you know, go big or go home…

I did pop out on Sunday morning to get the thread and some zips, which was when I made the lovely discovery that my car had been keyed since I parked it on Friday.  We suspect we know who did it, we just have to wait for the police to come to the same conclusion (they got my neighbour too).  Anywho, I did finally wrangle everything into place in my mind, got all the pattern pieces drawn out (I redid one pocket about 5 times as I worked that through – ugh!) and then had to work ridiculously early the last couple of mornings, like crawl out of bed at 5 am sort of early o.O so I’ll start to sew tonight instead.

During my procrastination/working things out time on Sunday morning I also rattled off a couple of bee blocks for Bee Blessed, which then sparked a thought about what I could do with a bundle I’ve had sitting waiting for a couple of years for the ideal project to come along.  I’m not sure if it’s absolutely ideal, but I needed a slightly mindless project for a while!

Finishes This Week:

I got my Moda Building Blocks finished last Thursday after work.  I’ll do a proper write up on it at some point, but here it is in all its glory in my pet carpark in the meantime.  As you can see it’s practically touching the ground, it’s hugemungous!  Glad it stopped raining long enough for me to get this without it getting damp…


And here are the 2 blocks for Bee Blessed.  They will ultimately be Modified Bento blocks, but they asked us not to cut and trim, they would do that for us:



In Progress This Week:

These 2 piles will eventually become a new bag pattern, but in the meantime this is as far as I’ve got, pulling all the bits together!



To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the bags
  • Fixing my roof with my dad so that we can keep the literally f-ing pigeons out of my loft (bet he’s so glad he’s just retired now!)
  • Maybe cutting for another couple of quick quilts I got inspiration for in IG