After last week’s slight deviation, this week we’re back to looking at organising sewing supplies, namely ribbons and trims.

Ribbons/twill tapes were something I struggled with for a while – I have a lot from my scrapbooking days, as well as ones I’ve bought since, or even had tied round bundles.  A couple of years ago my eye caught on some big embroidery hoops, and as I was also in the process of hunting down some shelves to go above my cutting table, when I saw this option in Ikea (I think it was actually aimed at kitchens), which happened to have a hanging rod with hooks built in, I knew it would be perfect.


All my shorter lengths of ribbon are looped round the embroidery hoops, neutrals on one and colours on the other:


And the spools and long lengths of ribbon that could be coiled up are on a piece of twine that’s got a loop at either end to go over the fixing bolts for the shelf:


Apparently I’m out of space on the twine now, so I’ll need to use what I have before buying more ;o)

Also hanging around on the rod are other embroidery hoops that I haven’t quite got round to using yet, and some heart decorations I received from a few different people.  On the left hand end there’s also a collection of lanyards and on the right hand end there’s a couple of packs of hexies that I made up from mini charm packs and haven’t quite got round to using yet!

So how do you store your ribbons?