I started off yesterday kind of cross with myself.  I’m nearly 2 weeks into my holiday from work and I was annoyed that I hadn’t got every single thing done that I thought I might.  Then I totted up and realised that I have:

  • Cleaned and organised my sewing area
  • Finished 3 quilt tops and started another
  • Finished 1 extra large bee block
  • Finished 3 magazine projects
  • Attended a promo event
  • Cut 2 more projects as presents (which I need to buy zips for – yes, I know, I have seen that door, but alas not enough of the right size) which I should finish by tomorrow
  • Fixed 2 Featherweights
  • Hosted one of the #missingmarket events
  • Taken a ton of photos for upcoming blog posts

So maybe I haven’t slacked off that much after all.  The coming couple of weeks will be a little less productive on the sewing front, but will definitely pick up on the fun front as Lori and her husband arrive to go on a magical mystery tour of Scotland in a camper van with me.  Well okay, I’ve told them roughly where we’re going, but I’m driving, so that will definitely add a bit of mystery ;o)

Finishes This Week:

The problem with doing magazine projects is that the mags want to be the first to show them off, so lets take these 2 fabric photos as evidence that I did something, as they appear in 2 of the projects.  I shall leave you to ponder where the Kam Snaps might fit in (you’ll never guess)



Here’s Little Sod and Cussed who are now sewing though:



In Progress This Week:

The problem with making presents for people is that they want to be the first to see them (you’re no doubt spotting a theme here!)  I can’t even show the fabrics as the recipients would guess it’s for them!  So take it as read that they’re in the works.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finish presents 1 & 2
  • Start present 3
  • Start the grand tour of Scotland

Hope you’ve all had a great and productive week!