It’s not all been about the sewing this last week, in fact I had to suck it up and do one thing I hate most in the world – clothes shopping!  I know some people love it, and some love making their own clothes, but to me they’re more a means of keeping warm and containing all the bits I don’t want the world to see…  Anyway, I managed to be relatively efficient and get the hairdresser and most of the clothes done on Thursday, and on Friday I took my gran for lunch and for her shopping (plus a funeral) and finished off my clothes shopping.  I also had to dig the hoover out to literally suck it up in time for my visitors arriving yesterday, but I did finish the gift for one of them (the other having declared themselves an anti-handmade gift recipient).  I started another quilt/class sample, and there was other secret sewing, but that will need to wait for a while yet I’m afraid!

Finishes This Week:

This is the gift I was able to give this week, and is part of a pattern set I’m working on at the moment.  I decided Lori needed a treasure book to keep things in that she collected on her travels, and since we’re heading north in a camper van later this week, when I saw this fabric a couple of months ago I knew it would be perfect for *something* related to the trip!


My other fantastic find, which went on the inside, was sparkle vinyl!  Now I’ve seen glittery vinyl in lots of colours, but none that was clear before now, so when I saw it it just had to leap into my arms.  I also threw in a pocket for a notebook, and a couple of pen pockets.  I didn’t make her take my camera manual or the leaflets though, I just wanted to demo the height of the pockets ;o):



On the inside back cover I added some vinyl pockets that I divided up for smaller items like train tickets:


In Progress This Week:

I got the front of these 2 piles chopped up, and the back pile partially prepped for where they’ll fit into the quilt.  I may be some time working through this, as it will be my ‘when I have a little spare sewing time’ quilt, and we’ve already established that I’m off on my jollies in a couple of days!


To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Typing up all the Quilt Now patterns I sent off the items for last week
  • Showing the visitors round Glasgow and taking off in the camper for the north
  • I’ve prepped some hand work to be done while I’m away in the form of some giant hexies to be basted (I glue baste), and maybe a clamshell purse if I can find my thin template plastic

I hope you all have a great week!