So you’ll all be shocked to hear I got hardly anything done while we were off on our grand adventure, but I did get a sun tan (in as much as my fair skin tans) in the Outer Hebrides, and that’s a true achievement!  I’ll do a separate post of photos from the trip, but it was lots of fun, so sad to be back at the day job again.  Still, something has to pay for fabric and sewing machines (I’ve got another confession there too *ahem*)  I hope you’ve all had a fabulously productive sewing time without me!

Finishes This Week:

You’re having a laugh…

In Progress This Week:

So here’s my pile of 2 1/2″ sided hexies so far, glue basted while playing Trivial Pursuit with Lori one night camping in the carpark for the Callanish Stones Visitors Centre (as you do!) – bear for scale.


This little pile has also found its way to my cutting table this week, but has got no further yet:


To Be Worked On This Week:

  • I need to convert that pile into a little something
  • There’s a tutorial to complete for Poppies & Polka Dots (I’ll let you know when it goes live)
  • Have a Featherweight spa day – I have 3 tubes of lube, a bottle of oil and a bottle of Zymol, I see an exciting Saturday or Sunday night in my future!

Hope you all have a great week!