With several tragedies in the world in the last couple of weeks all in the name of people wishing to force their political and religious views on others, I found myself abandoning my Featherweight cleaning plans in favour of making blocks for Pulse survivors in Orlando and also for the family of Jo Cox here in the UK. The machines have survived for decades without a spa day, so I figured another week or two wouldn’t hurt, and I really wanted to feel like I’ve been able to do something tangible for others rather than ranting at the BBC news site comments section (I really shouldn’t read them, ugh!). I also got a tutorial ready for Poppies And Polka Dots which will be coming soon, and prepared for our work charity 5 Peaks Challenge this week. I’m not climbing mountains this time, just providing the support team in the form of driving some of the team around.

Finishes This Week:

6 heart blocks for #quiltsforpulse. If you’re in the UK @esthermoorey on IG is collecting blocks, while full details of the blocks/quilts required on the Orlando MQG blog. The tutorial being used from Cluck Cluck Sew is a nice easy one, and as designer Patty Young’s daughter proved, it’s even easy for kids to get involved, check out her video on YouTube. Saying that it’s easy, I managed to go completely off piste in the bottom square on every single one of my left hand sides the first time I did it (don’t sew when tired kids!), and had to redo them, so if anyone wants some kind of wonky left hand-sides of a heart, just let me know ;o)

4 wonky cross blocks for #quiltsforjo. Leeds MQG is leading this one, since several members live in Jo’s constituency, and full details of the blocks required are on their blog here. Thankfully these were less rebellious (and I was less tired) so I don’t have a partial cross collection.


This pile is now all made up. I might have had fun teasing the other #saturdaynightcraftalong participants by making them guess what I was making, oh, and also guess what I was writing, there were great debates about ‘R’s, ‘W’s and ‘C’s. As a hint, there were no ‘C’s ;o)

This also went off to my dad for Father’s Day. He assures me he won’t lose this one…  Tutorial to follow soon


In Progress This Week:

I was kind of efficient last week, so didn’t start anything new!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Ben Nevis trip
Cleaning those Featherweights
Work a bit more on my Bake Sale Bento quilt

Hope you all have a great week!