I had fun coming up with this month’s instalment for the ‘things to take to sewing retreats’ series.  I’d been thinking about how to make this pincushion for a while, and I was glad of an excuse to actually try to make it!


I have stuck my hand into a bag one too many times when I’ve been at a retreat or just taken my sewing stuff away with me, and ended up with scratches and jabs from pins that have poked themselves through the bottom of my pincushion, or got caught on something and pulled themselves out, leaving themselves as a trap for the unwary, so I decided that the only way to tackle the problem was to have a pincushion that was too deep for anything to poke through, and which was covered to save anything being yanked out.  I figured that the sides would work well for needles too.  It also gave me an excuse to break out the Kam Snaps, I do love adding in a new element to my patterns.


There are so many fun patterns in this issue, I hope you enjoy them all!