As I was helping someone the other day who was trying to navigate her way through the various names, sizes and shapes of quilting fabric pre-cuts, it occurred to me that there wasn’t a handy place that gathered a list of all the options for all the manufacturers.  It’s fine if you know, for example, that Moda has Honeybuns where Robert Kauffman has Skinny Strips, but if you’ve only heard of one name for something, it’s unlikely that you will automatically associate it with another manufacturer’s version of the same thing, especially if it only has a cutesy name that doesn’t really describe what it is.  Adding to the confusion, online shops often bundle them all under the one name, generally Moda’s naming convention, even if the manufacturer calls them something else and labels them as such on their packaging.


I’ve pulled this list together for you of the most common manufacturers I could think of, with Moda at the start as theirs are the names most commonly used, I hope you find it useful.

Precut Size/ ShapeModaAndover/ MakowerCotton + SteelFree Spirit/ WestminsterHenry GlassLecien
2.5" SquareMini Charms (Candy)Mini Charms
3.5" Square
5" SquareCharm SquaresCharm SquaresCharm SquaresCharm SquaresCharm SquaresCharm Squares
7" Square
10" SquareLayer Cakes10" SquaresTen By Tens10" Squares10" SquaresOrigami Squares
5" x 10"Jolly Bar (Exclusive to FQS)
1.5" x WOF StripsHoney Buns
2.5" x WOF StripsJelly Rolls2.5" StripsSpindle StripsDesign Rolls2.5" StripsSushi Rolls
3.5" x WOF Strips
5" x WOF Strips
4.75" HexagonsHexagons
6" HexagonsHoney Combs
6" Half Square TriangleTurnovers
6.5" Half Square Triangle
9" x 21"Fat EighthFat EighthFat Eighth
18" x 21"Fat QuarterFat QuarterFat QuarterFat QuarterFat QuarterFat Quarter
Precut Size/ ShapeNorthcottRiley BlakeRJRRobert KaufmanTimeless TreasuresWindham
2.5" SquareMini Charms
3.5" Square3.5" Bitty Stackers
5" SquareChips5" StackersCharm SquaresCharm SquaresCharm SquaresCharm Squares
7" Square7" Stackers
10" SquareTiles10" StackersPatty CakesTen SquaresTonga Treat Squares10" Squares
5" x 10"
1.5" x WOF Strips1.5" Rolie PoliesSkinny Strips
2.5" x WOF StripsStripsRolie PoliesPixie StripsRoll-UpsTonga Treat Strips2.5" Strips
3.5" x WOF Strips3.5" Rolie Polies
5" x WOF StripsCharm Rolls
4.75" Hexagons
6" Hexagons
6" Half Square Triangle
6.5" Half Square TriangleHSTs
9" x 21"Fat Eighth
18" x 21"Fat QuarterFat QuarterFat QuarterFat QuarterFat QuarterFat Quarter

If you notice that some companies, such as Michael Miller and Art Gallery Fabrics, are missing from the above, it’s because I could only find fat quarter bundle precuts and above for them.