Do you know, I could have sworn that being July it was meant to be summer, but we’re getting grey clouds, drizzle and a side order of rain in varying strengths pretty much every day.  Still, it makes me feel much less guilty for staying in and pottering around ;o)  So this weekend I took loads of photos for some upcoming blog posts, got myself a different work setup that was much more productive for pattern planning, got a new pattern more or less entirely worked out which I’m looking forward to working on, made part 2 of a tutorial I’ve done for Poppies & Polka Dots (coming soon) and sewed a bit more on my Bento starters.  I also took on new staff over the last week, so look forward to seeing what comes from that…

Finishes This Week:

This is as much as I can show you on the tutorial, but hopefully I’ll be able to show off the 2 projects in the next week or so.  I’m thinking this should keep you guessing for a while as to what it is anyway:


In Progress This Week:

The bentos have got a bit further since last week, as this photo on IG from the #saturdaynightcraftalong shows, and in fact I’ve got another round on since then.  I’ve only got a few more bits to do, then I can start chopping them up again (as an aside, do you ever examine your sanity as you chop up perfectly good fabric, sew it together again, and then cut it up again?!)

An in progress shot – happiness is a new cutting mat, which arrived yesterday:


To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finish the bentos
  • Start on the new bag pattern

I hope you all have a great week planned, and that you’ve been getting more sunshine than me!