There’s been an awful lot of adulting this last week, and it always seems terribly unfair to have to adult at the weekends, it should be banned!  On Friday my recently much cursed fridge freezer and I made a deal – he’d stop making anything cold and I’d put him out to pasture at the local tip to be replaced with a shiny new model from John Lewis.  He went first.  I’m slightly restricted in my shopping choices for appliances since Curry’s (and in their day Comet) refuse to deliver to my postcode area, however the occupants of the local council estate clearly haven’t thought to hold up a John Lewis delivery van, so they will still drop round.  I must still have looked terribly impoverished on Saturday morning though, since the salesman in John Lewis kindly told me about their super-duper secret clearance on ex demo models once a month (this Saturday coming if you’re interested).  I just purchased a regular clearance Bosch for the price of a small kidney, and will be stocking it by dinner time tomorrow I hope.  After that I went 3 rounds with the Chinese supermarket and Tesco before going over to my gran’s to take her to my great-uncle’s for a visit.

That all would be adulting enough, but then on Sunday I inadvertently decided to give myself some boiling oil torture at dinner time when some mushrooms took their revenge on my having the audacity to drop them in hot olive oil (in a pan I don’t usually use for that, which was apparently hotter than I realised) and splashed the tablespoon or so of oil in there up both arms giving me rather bad burns.  Despite copious amounts of cold water on cotton wool during the evening, they turned into blisters out of spite overnight so I’m currently sporting some wound dressings that make me look like I attempted to slit my wrists over the weekend, although I do have to admire my colleagues who have carefully avoided asking.  Perhaps I still look a little crazed…

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

We have bentos!  Well we have a pile of bento blocks, so now I just need to play giant jigsaw puzzles with them:


This lot is now all chopped up and well on its way to being sewn together again/hammered in place, all will be revealed soon…


To Be Worked On This Week:

Hope you all have a great week!