So you’ve got all the hardware following the glossary posts (parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 here), and stockpiled all the tools following the tool posts (parts 1 and 2 here), now what do you do to store it all?

Some time ago when I was talking about Sewing Room Organisation (see all posts here), I confessed to having a bit of an unhealthy obsession with the tool storage section at B&Q. The thing is though, that DIY shops supply absolutely perfect storage solutions for crafters as well as for tradesmen, so let me take you on a little tour through my collection:


These divided trays are perfect for my chunkier or more plentiful bits of hardware such as for straps.  As you may be able to see I have everything from magnetic snaps to bag feet in this one, and they can be lifted and carried by the handle to wherever I wish. I can also move some of the dividers around to suit, although I tend to have them all in place so I have as many sections available as possible.


These mini drawers are great for my smaller amounts of hardware. While they’re less portable than the divided trays, I generally don’t need all of these all at one time when I’m away from home.


These colourful wee boxes are ideal for my Kam Snaps, and I can colour co-ordinate the contents with the drawer colour (you may not be this OCD, that’s quite okay)


You may have seen these in my sewing room organisation posts, but they hold most of my bigger items, such as bag frames, rolls of webbing and buttons.


I talked about this door in my zip organisation post, where I had to find a solution for the large amount of zips I had. Now I can easily find the length and colour I need.


This is for my tools. I know, shocker, I use a tool box for my specialist tools, sorry, I just didn’t have a cute alternative to one! This is the smallest option that B&Q stock that comes with a divider tray, so I keep smaller items in the lid and then larger items in the area below. My basic tools are spread around my cutting table and sewing machine as they’re in constant use.