The latest Quilt Now magazine, which most of you in the UK will have had for at least a week, has finally made it into my hands via WH Smiths (we’re not mentioning the postie from hell right now)  This issue sees a geometric theme and the reveal of the 2nd round of the BOM completed:


It also see the last in my Sewing Retreat series, with a capacious tote, perfect for holding everything you need for a class or retreat (projects aside perhaps ;o) )


Interestingly I spent Thursday night at an event at Remnant Kings Argyle St where the editor of QN’s sister magazine, Love Sewing, was telling us all about how issues came together, from the projects commissioned to the fabrics used, and even how they do the photo shoots.  If you get the chance to go and hear one of the editors speak somewhere it’s well worth the time, especially if you’d be interested in submitting something to them for publication.  There may have been a few things that followed me home too…