After another slightly mad week in the office I got another Monday off as it was a bank holiday for my team in Mauritius (unfortunately they didn’t let me go there for it ;o) )  I’d been hoping to get out with my camera on Monday as they’d promised fantastic weather – needless to say that didn’t turn up on Monday, it turned up yesterday instead.  Not that I’m bitter about this.  Much.  Still, I adulted and cleaned instead, and then serviced all my Featherweights now that I have all the tools.  Little Sod and Cussed are now working beautifully with bright white LEDs lighting their way, although Cussed needs new feet – the old ones had melted on him, and although I chipped out the old melted plasticky rubbery stuff, I haven’t been able to get the screws undone yet, which need to go through the new ones.  Cranky is being, well, cranky.  He keeps playing ‘Hide the needle thread behind the bobbin case’ which is not amusing me greatly right now.  I will prevail though!  Incidentally, you might be a bit obsessed when you suddenly perk up at hearing an ad on the telly mentioning Featherweight and thinking it’s about sewing, only to be disappointed to find it was about some Olay skin cream!

I also got caught up (mostly) on my bee blocks, although I think I spent as much time pulling fabric as I did sewing for one of them!  It was all about the ombre and mostly solids, so there was much digging aroud the stash to find the perfect bits.  Thankfully the recipient has given the results a thumbs up, so it turns out that hoarding all the solid scraps for years was a good plan after all :oD

Finishes This Week:

Brit Bee block for Trudi.  The brief was 1930’s ditsy prints with white on white background (which doesn’t really show up well here)


Brit Bee block for Susan.  The brief for this one was ombre, mostly solids with the occasional print and the occasional flashes of contrast:


In Progress This Week:

This got to my cutting mat this week for my next project for Quilt Now, lovely Joie De Vivre fabric by BariJ for Art Gallery Fabrics:


To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finish my Quilt Now project
  • Work on that bag pattern from last week
  • Maybe get out in the sun with my camera (come on sun, make it so!)

I hope you all have a fab week!