I got my FMQ on this week!  True, it was my escape from working every single day (and a good chunk of nights) at the day job, but hey, I got my FMQ on!  That was pretty much all I did, aside from piecing the thing that I FMQ-ed, but as of Saturday (Friday if I’m very lucky) I’m on holiday for 3 1/2 glorious weeks.  There will be some travels in this country and then 2 weeks in France (followed by a couple of days to recover from driving 2,000 odd miles and to do the washing), I can’t wait.  Jack can’t wait either, he’s already packed his bags.  I’ve packed my Featherweight maintenance toolkit in anticipation of collecting my 222K on my way to France, it’s all about the priorities, right?  This weekend I also need to trawl round a few shops and see if I can find some summer clothes in sales (which will probably meant the Next and M&S outlets since normal shops have long since got rid of their summer wardrobes)  I hate clothes shopping with a passion, so please wish upon me a swift discovery of outfits and a fast checkout.

Finishes This Week:

You’ve got to be kidding!

In Progress This Week:

Since I got my FMQ on with my next Quilt Now project I can’t actually show you the whole thing, but here’s a close up of the FMQ itself to keep you going.  Prizes for guessing what the quilting means and how it connects…  actually, extra prizes for guessing that last bit because that means you understand the weird inner workings of my mind and I’m not sure that even I can do that.


To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finish the QN project
  • Finish the bag that got abandoned a couple of weeks ago
  • Maybe get back to my Cross Cut mini centre

Hope you all have a great week!