It’s been a week of highs and lows round here.  As of Friday evening I was done with work for 3 1/2 weeks for my holidays – high.  Those last couple of days in the office were rather long though – low.  I did earn more TOIL for that though, so maybe holidays in November too – high.  I found bargains in the M&S sale section for my holidays and it wasn’t too painful – high.  I took my gran to her friend’s for lunch with a picnic – high.  I got my Quilt Now project finished and in the post, and a new toilet bag made up to go away – high.  On my first day away I fell off my dad’s bike on a tram track in Blackpool when we were ‘riding the lights’, a mass cycle event along the route of the illuminations, and took a very large chunk out of my knee and bruised a few other unmentionable places – definite low!

So today I get to play hunt the replacement wound dressing (my parents’ first aid kit being somewhat lacking) and also hunt a replacement pair of trousers for the ones that got the knee literally torn out of them as I met the concrete beside the tram lines.  I was looking for shorts, but it may end up looking like I’ve gone into battle if I wear them while I’m away in the sun!

Finishes This Week:

This Quilt Now Project is now complete and off to QN Towers:


I got my new toilet bag complete, which, as it’s laminate, decided to give me a bit of a run for my money when it came to sewing the channels for the drawstring – I beat it into submission though!


In Progress This Week:

The next QN project is under way, but I forgot to take a photo of the fabric pile, so I’ll just tell you it involves First Of Infinity linen, and leave you guessing, because I’m mean like that.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Putting myself back together!

I’ll be taking a break from these posts for the next couple of weeks, but there will still be some Monday posts in there, including a question in a couple of weeks for you to ponder…  Hope you have a lovely fortnight, see you on the other side!