Apparently I lost my mind and totally forgot that today was not in fact Wednesday but Thursday.  Eh, we’ll just keep that between ourselves, okay?  On the plus side, it turns out I’m a day closer to the weekend than I thought I was – result!

On Saturday I had some entirely non-sewing related fun with my camera at the velodrome for the Revolution Cycling Series, which had, I believe, 4 Olympic medallists competing at it, amongst others.  Maybe that’s where I lost my day ;o)  Other than that I’ve been working on my next Quilt Now project, which is ready to be posted tomorrow, and I’ve also been working on some class samples which, interestingly, turned into completely different samples to what I had originally planned when I timed things out (in fact it turned into 2 classes rather than 1!)

Finishes This Week:

This little glimpse is the most you’ll get of what went to QN Towers:


In Progress This Week:

This little lot is on its way to being a set of class samples – I’ll share more once the classes are properly set up:


To Be Worked On This Week:

  • More class samples
  • Maybe the long abandoned bag I started before I went on holiday!

Hope you all have a great week!