So yesterday you found out why I’d been a little preoccupied of late as I finally published my first class that I was filming for Skillshare.  Check out yesterday’s post for details and also a reduced price membership to Skillshare that will give you access to all the classes in their library.

I had given myself to play during the evenings last week, using my Crosscut QAL starter piece, but I got to Friday evening and I thought ‘I don’t like that’.  It hadn’t turned out how I had originally imagined it, but I’d let myself get lead down a different route that ultimately turned out to be too big and clunky.  The good news is that as it’s too big, I can just chop the pieces down to what I’d first imagined.  I hope.  It will work, it will…

I have also been caught up in cobwebs in the office, been spooked by the ghost of babies past (you’ll have to check that one out on IG ;o) ), landed a Singer 201k and a Swiss Zig Zagger for a bargain (that I haven’t had a chance to play with yet) and been one of the hosts in #missingmarket on IG.  This weekend I need a bit of playtime I think!  I hope you’ve had a slightly more relaxing week :oD

Finishes This Week:

My class is live, hooray!


In Progress This Week:

This was the bit I worked on for my KLT and texty Crosscut QAL on steroids quilt (I’ll come up with a catchier name soon, I promise!).  That strip at the bottom is far too big and chunky, so it will be getting the chop:


To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Fixing the rainbow chunky bits
  • Having a play with my new Singer toys
  • Taking my gran to see her friend

Hope you all have a great week!