This last week has mostly been 92nd birthday parties, trips down memory lane (did you know that war medals that are nearly 100 years old have extraordinarily bright and pretty ribbons for one of the darkest period in world history?), oh, and hacking up a lung.  The chest infection settled in on Sunday and has yet to decamp again even with some attempted Lemsip persuasion, but I’m going to up the ante shortly if it doesn’t look out!  I haven’t, therefore, broken out the sewing machine much, but I have done a load of planning and some prep for some upcoming projects, including a couple to take on holiday with me in a week and a bit and a Secret Santa project.  I also fixed the printer at work while printing out a rather long pattern.

Finishes This Week


In Progress This Week

These dropped through my door from the lovely Sherri Falls.  While I can’t do embroidery due to RSI issues, I have plans for these patterns including some machine free motion embroidery and some raw edge applique (no prizes for guessing that one of these might be for Secret Santa!)  I have one partially prepped already and hope to sew it this weekend.


Last week this noticeboard that contains cards with ideas for upcoming magazine patterns was down to just one lonely card, so I found it some friends this week (I’ve blurred them just in case you get nosy ;o) )


As it turns out, the photo of the teeniest dresden template in the world wasn’t obvious, what with me having cut it from template plastic (I am clearly a genius *ahem*) so just imagine a teeny, tiny dresden wedge and a couple of mini charm packs, okay?

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Shifting the lurgy
  • Secret Santa making
  • Putting one of those wee pink cards into action

Hope you all have a great week!