I had a lovely weekend away there over in the East Neuk of Fife (the bit that sticks out to the right and below St Andrews).  It’s only just over 70 miles from here, but it took over 2 hours to get there on Thursday o.O  Still, the weather was nice all weekend, especially for this time of year, in fact the sun was beating down so much on Sunday it was sweltering!  During the days I had a great time walking the Fife Coastal Path (not the whole thing, it’s over 100 miles lol) and exploring the little fishing villages and towns of Crail, Anstruther, Pittenweem, St Monans and Elie.  They’re very pretty little villages (well, the front at Anstruther is nice lol) and there were lots of craft galleries to explore and photos to take, plus there’s some nice foodie places to check out, so it’s a good job I walked nearly 30 miles!  In the evenings Fuzzy Wuzzy the Singer 222k and I got down to a little sewing, although the cottage I was staying in was incredibly dark and gloomy inside, I think they were aiming for cosy, but I was cursing the lack of light :o/

Finishes This Week:

I got 6 mini spool pin dresdens made over the weekend.  These are used on vintage machines so that the spools for the thread don’t scratch the paint as they bounce around.  Ironically I use a thread stand for all my machines, but they were so pretty I made one for each of my Singer machines anyway ;o)  The free pattern is from the Singer Featherweight shop, and you can find it here.  They’re 3″ across point to point, and you can get 2 blades out of 1 mini charm square, hence the slightly duplicated look!

In Progress This Week:

I started starching a whole pile of Christmas Cotton + Steel that I’d been stashing for another new project.  Because, you know, I needed another one…

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Those bentos that threw themselves at the wall last week
  • The new Christmas quilt
  • Whatever else hoves across my horizon…

Hope you all have a great week!