Whew, it is very definitely the last week before everyone shuts down for Christmas.  The office has been manic, as this goes live I will be bouncing on the door of the office Christmas buffet (never underestimate the power of free food and booze to 300 odd slightly crazed people!) and tomorrow we have a team ‘lunch and learn’ which will be more food (that we have to take in, so I made the pastry for mince pies last night and will turn them into pies tonight) plus fun and games (which may include games of hide and seek from project managers and pin the tail on the elusive support desk team).  Added to that I had some other deadlines where all my electronics decided to revolt at inopportune moments, so I have rebuilt my computer and also had words with Big Brother’s threadcutter (which involved a disassembly that I totally didn’t have time for)  It had all been going so well on Saturday, I should have foreseen the impending doom!

Finishes This Week:

My sanity?  Yeah, no, nothing to see here, move along now.

In Progress This Week:

My Bentos and Boxes got converted from 120 blocks to 30 4 patch blocks which now have to be joined into strips to make the top.  I got 1 strip in and had to stop on Saturday night, so you’ll have to make do with the pile of 4 patches:

In this pile from Remnant Kings on Saturday is 3 Kismet Trinket Boxes, or at least the makings thereof but that was what Big Brother thwarted me on last night, so they’ll have to remain a finish for next week!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Mince Pie
  • Kismet Trinket Boxes
  • Recovering from all the Christmas parties

Hope you all have a fabulous week!