So this day last week we fed the office the annual Christmas buffet, then we packed up 3 crates of leftovers and took them over to the homeless shelter in Glasgow.  On Thursday my team won the department team building exercise (we had to code a Christmas card in SVG, documenting it like a real project)  Ours won mainly because it actually looked like what it was meant to (Rudolph) and we were having fun – I laughed so much last week, but it was a much needed end to the year in the office and I might have run out the door with a little bit too much enthusiasm on Friday!  I sewed over the weekend, took my gran shopping and sorted out her decorations on Monday and then yesterday and today I have cleaned.  I know, I know, it’s something that enthuses none of us, but my carpet is positively furry with thread and moulted hair (I’m worse than a cat!) so I have diligently gone round, picked things up, tidied them away and brought the hoover out.  I do hope I remember how to use it…

I hope you’re all set for Christmas/Hannukah/any other religious festival that you might be stressing about right now, but if not I wish you luck in getting things done!

Finishes This Week:

I got a set of rectangular Kismet Trinket Boxes finished (pattern from Sew Sweetness here).  I used 2 different kinds of sparkle vinyl from Remnant Kings (they only have the silver one like the red one I used online, but they have more in store, give them a call to see what they have).  The silver I used is almost a quilted effect, and in each wee dent is a sparkly, glittery bit which doesn’t show well in the photo as it’s miserable weather here while we batten down the hatches for Storm Barbara.

The secret sewing that came from this photo is sewn up in to round Kismet Trinket Boxes and has been sent on its way:

In Progress This Week:

I’m sorry, the photo is horrible, but lack of daylight/good indoor light for a 75″ wide strip has hampered getting a better photo.  This was the first of the strips I got done, but I got a few more completed last night.  Maybe I’ll have a whole top by the end of the week:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Make the Bentos & Boxes into a quilt top
  • Work on a few wee snappy purses
  • Whatever else floats my boat
  • Oh yeah, and that Christmas day thing will be rolling around too!

Hope you all have a great Christmas/any other holidays you may be celebrating :o)