QN Issue 31 was a wee bit slow getting north of the border, but I finally grabbed a copy just before Christmas.  I love the colourful quilts on the colour, especially Susan’s plus quilt.  Maybe I need to sneak down and acquire it #Iknowwhereshelives #thatwasn’tmeanttosoundcreepy

My contribution for this month was a toddler and child apron set in 2 sizes, although as the model shows, the child one fits a small lady (it certainly would not have fit me!).  The aprons include a ‘spoon belt’ for keeping track of spoons and other utensils, plus a place for a tea-towel to tuck through too for quick wipe down.  I had fun coming up with this with Sarah from Narcoleptic In A Cupboard and when they wander back from QN Towers they’ll be heading north for her Moo to use.

I’d love to see one of these in action, so let me know if you make one!