So have you had a productive last 2 weeks, or have you been enjoying the holidays, your family and ridiculous stage shows (okay, that may be just a UK thing, going to the panto) or maybe a bit of both?  I’ve been doing a bit of both and some of my makes have included a Lego VW Beetle with my dad on Christmas Eve, the Christmas dinner and enough brandy butter and mince pies to sink a small ship.  We also went to see Mother Goose at the panto, which turned out to be Hansel And Gretel (apparently my mother’s ability to read has diminished in the few months since her retirement).  Aside from that I took myself out on the only sunny day before the new year and had a wee adventure round Culross, The Pineapple and the David Stirling memorial, and have a few plans for return visits at other times of the year :o)

I also sewed one or two things, like the next project for QN and finishing my Boxes & Bentos quilt top, then started on a new project to do ‘in between times’ and worked on a new handbag for work (which got temporarily put aside because it wouldn’t cut and fuse itself)  I’ve also prepped another project harking back to my creative roots, and took a few adventures for you in the name of some upcoming blog posts.  So just a quiet one round here really… ;o)

Finishes This Fortnight

My QN project is wrapped up and on its way to QN Towers, so I’m afraid no photos!

This is the best I have of my Boxes and Bentos as I didn’t venture over to my pet carpark (which is next to work) but I’ll hopefully get a dry day after I go back to take one:

This is what dad and I built on Christmas eve.  It was meant to last longer but once I started I couldn’t stop!

In Progress This Fortnight:

I had a request for a return to one of my previous creative lives to do a class, so I started to pull things together and will get it filmed over the next few weeks:

Then I cut and cut and cut and lost the will to live and got to this point with a new sew along project for Super-Size Economy Blocks.  Then I spent ages sorting out what would go with what and drove myself quite mad:

This little lot is what’s on its way to being my new work handbag.  The bottom is a silver faux leather which will be the outside.  I do hope it works as I imagine it will!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Filming bits and pieces and classes
  • Working on the Super Size Economy Block sew along
  • Going back to work – boooooo

Hope you all have a great week!