Phew, I totally forgot last Wednesday until Saturday, so apologies for this being a twofer!  To be fair, the weekend before was mostly taken up with rugby on the Saturday and then taking part in a locked room mystery at one of our local National Trust for Scotland sites.  Despite the fact there were only 3 of us, and most teams have 5, plus we’d never tried one of these before, we ended up 15th on the leaderboard out of more than 200 teams!

This last week I’ve ended up with a dose of pityriasis rosea, which means a very itchy rash showed up after a virus, and I spent most of the weekend, and a chunk of this week scratching.  I’ve been to the doctor and been given creams and antihistamines, but they’re putting me to sleep, so it’s been an odd week this week.  Anywho, I did manage to finish one Quilt Now project and start on the next.  Oh, and I launched a retreat (which might have been taking up a little of my time too!)  Check it out if you fancy a nice sewing weekend in the Highlands.

Finishes This Week:

This little lot is now at QN Towers awaiting its beauty shots:

In Progress This Week:

This little lot is on its way to being the next QN project:

And this little lot is under consideration for something…

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • The next QN project
  • Planning some retreat class patterns
  • Who knows what else may come through my drug addled mind!

Hope you all have a great week!