Well while everyone was on a jolly to Quilt Con or the Brit Bee Weekender last weekend, I was weekending in rainy Glasgow with Quilt Non for company.  I did manage to get a long overdue bee block done which had a gazillion 1″ squares in it, and I got lots of prep done for my next Quilt Now project which involved head scratchy maths as I was trying to make 2 of the same project simultaneously and I’d initially forgotten one of the pieces I’d need.  Still, it’s all good to give the brain a bit of a workout, right?  On Monday I was teaching my beginner sewers again, ahh, it’s so fun to see their sewing personalities develop, the ones that want everything perfect, and the ones that are just happy that it’s done, oh, and let’s not forget the ones that endeavour to have creative disasters and manage to tie their machines in knots :oD   This coming weekend I get to go on a sewing machine rescue mission with my mum to Stalybridge, so I expect next week will be all about the new (old) toy.

Finishes This Week:

Yay, I finally got a finish!  This is the bee block that the tortured genius that is Fiona came up with, which has lots and lots and lots of teeny, tiny squares and exercises your patience greatly.

In Progress This Week:

This is now a pile of pieces and zips:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Turning the pile of pieces into a finished Quilt Now project.
  • Rescuing a featherweight

Hope you have a great week!