I have a confession to make.  Other than in the class I was teaching on Monday night, I haven’t sewn all week!  But I did mount a successful sewing machine rescue mission from deepest, darkest Cheshire with my mum.  We also went and toured an interesting antiques and craft place where we found a nice wee quilting shop, and mum found a new lamp for her hall.  On Sunday I gave ‘Pete’ the once over, and other than a cut off screw stuck in his seam guide hole, he’s in pretty good shape.  He’s also the first Featherweight that I’ve acquired that has not had a ‘personality’ (the others are named Little Sod, Cussed, Cranky, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Mr Stinky to give you an idea!) so I named him after my papa, who was a sewing machine repairman to trade and probably worked on more Singers than I’ve had hot dinners, what with the old factory being just down the road in Clydebank.

As I have no sewing pics, here’s Pete, a 1955 Singer 221K.  He came with a good selection of feet, several more than he’d ever have had originally, and his original tube of lubricant.  He also had his original packing slip (should I need to return him, they’ll surely still be alive right?!) a couple of other booklets and his original rubber mat, which is the only one of these I’ve ever seen in the flesh (I imagine many of the originals would have perished):

His case is still far more in tact than the one for my 222K, as he still has the holder for his foot pedal in the lid and his side tray:

And here are the wee booklets, the manual (obviously) plus an add for the various feet that were available at the time and a leaflet for ‘Shirlastic’ elastic thread:

So did you do anything fun this week?