It’s starting to just about feel like it might be spring around here.  I saw some crocuses bravely poking their little heads above the earth as I walked up to the post office last week (that might have blown away in the horrendous wind yesterday!) and there’s been that kind of big bright ball in the sky on occasions too, nicely coinciding with my exits from the gym before work.  Of course it then rained for most of the weekend, but that’s okay, other than running my gran around town on Saturday it gave me an excuse to sew on Sunday.  Some of my beginner sewers finished their first projects on Monday, I’m so proud of them, and now they want to make more in their last class next week (which reminds me, I mentioned pincushions as a bonus project so I’d better dig out some stuffing!)  So how has your week been?

Finishes This Week:

I frantically finished this project for QN at 11:55 on Saturday morning and screeched into the post office at 12:06 looking a little deranged, while gabbling at the woman behind the counter ‘Has he been yet?!’  No, the postie was running late for pickup, so I got a reprieve – phew!

In Progress This Week:

Having frantically worked sewed on Saturday, Sunday was all about the having fun, so I did a bit of experimentation and I think I have the extra for my Heather Ross swap all worked out.  There’s not actually any HR in this, but it fits her colour scheme, plus it’s an extra, right?!  I’ll maybe get an HR lining in though…

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Selling my team at work on Thursday – do you want to be in my gang?  No really, do you?  We’re recruiting in Mauritius, so like loads of sun, sea and, um, you have to be able to do non functional testing
  • Finishing my ‘extra’, plus the one I’m making for me – it’s all in the aid of a blog post series too, so that’s double points
  • Who knows what else may canter across my cutting table

Have a great week everyone!