Spring is definitely blowing in like a lion round here, with howling gales, pouring rain and even a few glimpses of sunshine thrown in for good measure.  Still, the rain gave me a good excuse to do a good amount of sewing so i can’t complain!  It was my last ever class at the Stitchery on Monday (it will be closing its doors for good at the end of the month) and my class did so well.  Many of them got more than one project done in their time, and I think I’ve fired up a love of sewing in them, they all have so many ideas of what they want to do next.  I only hope that I didn’t also give them the chest infection that I’m coming down with!

Finishes This Week:

I’ve been hoarding several of Carolyn Friedlander’s lines since she first started producing them about 4 years ago.  It’s mostly fat quarters, with a few other bigger cuts thrown in, and while I always knew that I wanted to do some kind of architectural quilt with it, I couldn’t quite decide what.  Now over on Instagram I follow a number of photographers, including a few that shoot buildings and I realised a year or so ago that with the square perspective of the IG photos, I could use some of the architectural shots as blocks, so I started pinning.  The other day I realised that this was clearly what my Friedlander fabric had been hanging out for, so on Saturday I tried my first block.  It’s going to be a play project on the side of my ‘have to’ projects, so I’m going to count every block as a finish when I get a chance to do one!

This is what I have to work with:

And this is my first block.  You can see the inspirational photo on my IG account by swiping left on the picture of the block.  It’s entirely improv, and I clearly didn’t get the top grey bit quite the right size initially, but I can live with an extra seam, and it’ll be less obvious by the time it’s sashed and in the quilt:

In Progress This Week:

My stitch sketch project has got to this point.  I had to pause while I did a poll on IG for what my swap recipient wanted, either a mug rug or a pouch (the choice will dictate what I do next with the stitching) but I’ll get a chance to get back to it this weekend.

I also did a whole pile of cutting out for some interlinked upcoming magazine projects, but that wasn’t too exciting to photograph ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • The stitch sketch project
  • The interlinked magazine projects
  • Maybe another architecture block (so many ideas now!)

Hope you all have a great week!