What a beautiful few days of weather we had there, and over the weekend too (not bad considering the snow that fell only last week!)  Unfortunately the closest I got to it was looking through the window as I’ve had a horrible chest infection and cold for over a week, and I didn’t want to make it worse!  Still, it gave me time to do a whole load of project cutting, and I got some sewing in too, so I’m good to go for things to do for a wee while.  How about you, did you have nice weather last weekend and a chance to enjoy it?

Finishes This Week

I finished my stitch sketch project, an extra for a swap I have coming up.  I’ve not actually started the mini, which is the main player in the swap, but no matter…

I also managed to finish my next Quilt Now project, which I only conceived on Saturday night, and hadn’t even imagined I’d get sewn for a while yet, so that was a nice bonus!

In Progress This Week:

This little lot was one of 5 bundles of fabric that passed across my cutting table for upcoming magazine projects:

I also pulled out a whole pile of Heather Ross fabric for the swap, although it won’t all make it into the final mini or it will be more of a king sized quilt!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Sewing up all the projects I’ve cut
  • Writing up the QN project I just finished
  • Contemplating that HR pile

Hope you all have a great week!