Err, Thursday.  Wednesday got away from me this week!  For all those happy for me that I’d got rid of one ick, I came down with another ick last Thursday, thanks to my mother’s generosity with her germs.  I’m still, as one lovely follower suggested to me, a snot monster.  However, on the bright side, if I can get to the end of today then I get a whole 4 days off work, the Easter Bunny has already dropped by our desks in the office, and we’ve already completed the annual fight over who gets what flavour, although our Mauritian colleague who’s visiting for a few weeks was more than a little baffled when handed his Mars chocolate egg!  I saw him peering at it from different angles trying to work out what on earth it was, I do hope he works out that it’s edible soon :oD  I managed 2 swaps for a maltesers egg, they’re better on a diet than a rolo or a mini egg one, right?!

Have you got any plans for the long weekend?  I’m planning not to commit myself to anything work related, sewing or otherwise!  Depending on the weather I may even go for a jaunt up a hill with my camera or something.

Finishes This Week:

For those following my 5 project saga from last week, I got 3 done, and I’m happy with that (given aforementioned germy ick)  This is what went into one of the finished projects.  I had quite a lot of fun lining up the stripes and getting the colour pops in there:

In Progress This Week:

This is one of the two projects not quite done yet, but maybe by next week I’ll get one more done…

I’m intending to get cracking with this lot on my HR mini swap:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • HR mini swap
  • Anything and everything else that I fancy!

Have a great week all :o)