We have been having beautiful sunny weather here over the past couple of weeks or so, something that the southern half of the country is not enjoying for a change!  Since this might actually be it for summer, the locals have been outside as much as humanly possible, to soak up the rays.  I’ve been no exception, and Saturday saw me head over to the island of Inchcailloch just off Balmaha in Loch Lomond.  It’s part of the National Nature Reserve, and at this time of year it is carpeted with bluebells.  I love bluebells, but finding bluebell woods in a big city is… challenging!  Anyway, I saw the island on the Walk Highlands IG feed a couple of weeks ago and knew I had to get there the first sunny day that I had the chance – thankfully it’s only an hour or so’s drive away, so I had a lovely run up there, caught the wee ferry over (a whole £5 return) and had a fabulous time exploring the island.  Funnily enough there were a lot of people there, but the island is oval shaped and most people walk straight up the centre to the beach on the other side from the ferry (where there’s also a jetty for you to land your private yachts and motor boats) so the paths round the outside were pretty much dead!  I did do some sewing on Saturday night and Sunday, but it doesn’t look a huge deal further on than last week (even though it was several hours’ worth of work!) so I’ll leave you mostly with bluebell photos for the week:

First we climbed to the top of the island and looked up the loch to Ben Lomond:

Then it was down into the woods to play:

I’m glad I lugged the big lens (all 3.7 lbs of it) round all day so I could get this:

Then after a picnic lunch on the ‘beach’ it was on round to the other side of the island with fairytale stairs (and people that were concerned that I was kneeling in the middle of the path to get this shot!):

And then down the other side:

Do you think anyone’s home in that nesting box?  It made me wonder, I mean it’s not like there’s a shortage of nesting possibilities here!

And on the path back to the ferry there were interesting tree formations:

Back on the shore again looking towards the island, hard to believe this is Scotland really!

Finishes This Week:

My calves, that little island killed them!

In Progress This Week:

You’ll recognise this… well, you’ll recognise the project, none of you seem to actually recognise it yet ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the mystery project
  • Wrapping up at least 1 of the 2 other projects that are cut and waiting to go (hopefully)
  • Trying not to mourn the sun too much as it’s due to rain for at least 6 days from Thursday!

Hope you all have a great week!