What’s that old saying, “Finish one project, start three more”?  Well, if it isn’t it should be ;o)  It’s what I managed to do this week anyway, but to be fair, I started and stalled on all 3 and have to wait for more supplies to be delivered, and actually I wouldn’t have started one of them if it hadn’t been for one of the #missingmarket challenges over the weekend, so it’s not entirely my fault right?  Anywho, I’ll be well on track with the next Quilt Now pattern once supplies arrive this week, so this coming bank holiday weekend I’ll be all set.  After raining for the past 2 weekends (and being annoyingly nice during the week)  It’s currently alleging that this weekend might be nice, so I might get out and about with my camera one day – how about you all, any nice plans?

Finishes This Week:

You’re ‘avin’ a larf!

In Progress This Week:

So this was the first project I started on, and I got the pattern pieces all drawn up when I realised I was missing some lining fabric:

Then I moved on to this little lot, and realised I didn’t have enough blacks:

And then this lot was part of the #scraphappens challenge for #missingmarket or at least it inspired me to haul them all out.  I’ve chosen to work with the pack on the bottom rows with just a select set of colours and then, well, I needed more of some shades, so I had to order them too:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing all that lot above
  • Starting on a bag for work

Hope you all have a great week!