The lovely people at Sugru have contacted me a few times, and up until now I haven’t thought of a need for it in my life, but now they’ve come up with a kit aimed at little boys and their toys, *ahem* for Father’s Day, and suddenly I found a number of needs because I’m a geek at heart!  So they kindly sent me a Rebel Tech pack to play with:

The booklet that comes with the pack shows you how to do a number of different things, but these were the 2 options that really caught my eye:

And why might that be?  I hear you ask.  Well, this.  This is what’s known round these parts as a guddle (with apologies for the state of the skirting boards!):

This is my ‘charging station’, or rather an accessible socket in my living room, and every charger under the sun is dumped there.  As you’ll imaging, they have a tendency to get tangled, plus it can be a bit of a PITA finding the right charger for the right job!  So I weeded out the ones that are for devices that are no longer with us (you always forget those things when you stop using the actual device!), and then for my 4 most used ones I decided I’d colour code their wires, as well as protecting the bit that joins the plug end:

Then with the rest of each pack I made a co-ordinating hook for them to hang on on a wee table next to the former guddle:

This stuff is so amazingly easy to mould and work with, and I think I need to try out their other cord solution for my desk at work (as our cleaner is rather fond of playing ‘hide the wire’ with us)  Here’s the site of the former guddle now:

Here’s a few of the other fun ideas I fancy having a go at (I might needs shares in this stuff soon!):

About a year and a half ago I kind of screwed up attaching my bike monitor to my handle bars and managed to attach the holder on the wrong side from the sensor.  Since I had no more cable ties I was stuck at that point, but now I can move it and secure it at the same time:

I like this idea of setting up a wee web cam or similar around my ‘studio’:

And this would also be handy for trying something like Facebook Live

A few other options to appeal to the dads might be:

And how much will this set you back?  Well the Tech Kit is £10, but they have several other kits with other colours, not to mention different combination packs of 8 colours on their own for £12.99.  If you go to their website you get 10% off your first order, but they have 5104 stockists around the world, so you can hopefully pick it up locally too.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to B&Q…