Yay, I finally have my delivery issues sorted, and I’m rather glad to see these lovely Betz White Juxtaposey fabrics again in this sewing machine tidy I made for this month’s issue of Quilt Now.  I am ridiculously attracted to llamas at the moment, I have no idea why, but now I’m trying to work out how I can get one of her Llama Loom pom pom makers because they’re so cute and funny (I mean, I’d make a pom pom or two, and even a few tassels with one, but they’d make a fab ornament)

I had a bit of fun fussy cutting for the scissors case and the rotary cutter case, and for the scrap bucket I finally got to use some of the rigilene boning I’d bought for something like this about, erm, 2 years ago!

So what tickles your fancy in this month’s issue?  Or would you like to expound on the cuteness of llamas (and if so, you need to find some of this fabric!)