Apologies for being MIA last week, I unexpectedly ended up working the bank holiday weekend and a few days extra as part of a big IT upgrade at work, so didn’t get any sewing done until Saturday, and on Sunday I was learning to cook Thai in a previously booked class.  On the plus side, I earned 6 1/2 days off in return for the hours worked on the bank holiday weekend, so I finish at lunchtime this Friday and won’t be back in the office until 2 Tuesdays later, so hopefully I’ll catch up a bit on the sewing then, and maybe even on some Thai cooking!

My big camera also chose to expire on Saturday, so I’m desperately hoping to rescue it whilst I’m off – keep your fingers crossed for me please!  It’s either the battery contacts having oxidised (cheap fix) or an open her up and examine her innards job (expensive fix) or funeral services (expensive replacement)

Finishes This Week


In Progress This Week:

This lot is well on its way to being a ‘something’ for my next Quilt Now submission.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the new home for the fox and owl
  • Catching up on my ‘to be made’ list

Hope you all have a great week!