So I’m now halfway through my recently earned time off, and so far I’ve taken my dad to the zoo, spent the day with my parents and gran, played with some Sugru, finished my latest QN project, made HUGE batches of bolognese sauce, pesto and tom yum soup (not all for the same meal!), cleaned my flat, including hoovering and mopping, and attended a course on videos that has me thinking of new ideas.  Alas, my camera with the video functionality is in getting its bottom board replaced (£180 :o( ) and I won’t get it back til next week after my holiday is over (boooo!)  For my remaining time off I have a couple of new patterns to make up so I can get ahead of myself a bit at QN, and I have some former magazine patterns to type up and put into templates so that I can make them available for all of you that missed out on the original magazine.  I also want to play a bit, so I’m awarding myself a little play time each evening.

Finishes This Week:

This little lot is now at QN towers ready for its beauty shots:

In Progress This Week:

This will be my playtime project this week.  This is one side of a 3D piece that I’ve now toyed with for a few weeks and just want to get done:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Spending an inordinate amount of time with InDesign
  • Making up a couple of new projects
  • Playing with my KLT scraps

Hope you all have a great week!