So I had a pretty productive ‘holiday’ from the day job – I got 2 patterns ahead of myself for QN, finally drew up a couple of diagrams that I’ve been needing to do for about, er, 6 years, and treated myself to a day out at Cragside, down in Northumberland, on Sunday as a reward.  I’m hoping that has cleared the decks for a while so I can get some other bits and pieces that have been queueing up out of the way, I may even get some selfish sewing done…  But lets not get too carried away with the optimism ;o)

Finishes This Week:

This is the most I can show you of the 2 patterns I finished (try and contain your excitement):

In Progress This Week:

This little collection is on my ‘hopeful’ pile, 3 quilts that have been waiting between 18 months and 2 1/2 years to be basted and quilted:

And this is just part 1 of what will be 6 parts in another hopeful project.  This bit just needs to be quilted, the rest need to be made:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • On a searching mission to find one particular piece of fabric for one of the magazine projects, I found a number of things in the ‘to be finished and dealt with’ pile of the secret sewing variety, so I’ll evaluate them this weekend
  • I’ll see if I can get working on at least one hopeful project (2 of those quilts to be finished are meant to be summer weight, it would be nice to get them done before another summer passes!)

Hope you all have a great week :o)