This last weekend I went flat out and got 2 of those quilts in last week’s hopeful pile basted, quilted, bound, washed, dried and onto my bed, all by midnight on Sunday (which rather put paid to the gym on Monday morning, but I did get to humph them, along with my camera, over to my pet carpark for a photo shoot on Monday lunchtime)  I’m so glad I’ve finally got them out of the way, they’re summer weight quilts that have missed at least 2 summers already (in fact the voile one was at number 3!)  I’m now geared up for another QN project, and then a load of Brit Bee blocks for the next week or two. My other occupation on Monday night was to label all the Kona I rescued from Fluffy Sheep Quilting in her very sad, but much understood, closing down sale.  My rainbow now feels rather more balanced than it was!  How about you, did you get up to much?

FInishes This Week:

2, hurrah!  This first is made from Anna Maria Horner voile.  The ones pieced to make the top came in a bundle I bought, erm, 4 years ago, and I already have a sister quilt with a velveteen backing.  The backing for this is a newer voile that I bought yardage of just for this quilt, convinced that it would feel lovely on a summer’s evening (it does)

The second is Cotton + Steel double gauze from Autumn 2014 (I know that because it says so on the selvedges, which I didn’t cut off)  I’d originally planned to do this without batting, but when I laid the bottom layer (or it could be the top, it’s not particularly ‘sided’) I realised that even though I’d left the selvedges on in an effort to stabilise it, it stretched all over the place just by looking at it (let’s just describe the interesting shapes as organic shall we?!).  It was also a bit see through, and I knew the lighter colours would show the darker colours through, so I ended up using batting after all.  It still feels lovely though!

In Progress This Week:

I’ve started pulling fabric for a few things, but no completed piles yet, so you’ll just have to use your imagination!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Next QN project
  • Brit Bee blocks (I have 5 left to make)

Hope you all have a great week!