Well it hasn’t got much more summery in the last week, but that means I haven’t felt guilty about sitting in and sewing ;o)  I gave myself time to play with designing something on a larger scale than all the magazine projects, commissions and swaps lately, as I was feeling a bit burned out by ‘little things’, so Jack and I pulled out 2 options that I could work on, he chose one, I chose the other, I started cutting my choice and realised I didn’t have the right shade of backing fabric…  Oh well, I starched the main fabrics so it’s ready to go when I get the backing fabric in.  So then I turned to Jack’s choice and got a few of those blocks done as I had all the fabric for that one.  Hey, what’s a few more WIPs in the pile ;o)  How about you, have you had fun this week?

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

So this was my choice of project.  I have 2 bundles of Gingiber fabrics, her first line in black and off-white from last year, and her second Christmas line that’s come out this year.  The plan is to do something similar for the 2 bundles, although the panels being quite different between the 2 will make a difference to the outcome.  Anywho it turns out they both need a different off white backing fabric both from each other, and from anything I had in my stash, so I chopped up the panels from the Merrily collection and starched all the FQs so I should be good to go when the backing arrives later this week (assuming nothing else intervenes…)

This was Jack’s choice.  I have finally broken into my hoarded bundles of Karen Lewis Textiles from her Blueberry Park line with inspiration from a book I picked up recently, Quilts Du Jour by Marny Buck & Jill Guffy.  I showed some of my progress in Monday’s post, but haven’t had a chance to photograph them all – I chopped up lots of white at the start which is making it quite quick to go through:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • A bit more KLT
  • Maybe some Gingiber
  • A couple more QN projects

Hope you all have a great week!