This is Jack:

Jack is optimistically perched upon my stack of Liberty scraps because he believes that a good chunk of them should turn into bedding for him, and that I should make this for him while we’re away on holiday because it will only be a little project…

He’s earmarked a nice essex linen for the mattress, but of course every bed needs a quilt, so he’s been having a good old look through Instagram and come up with some ideas.

First he thought be might just like some simple squares.  Then he thought maybe a disappearing 9 patch would be nice.  Then he fell for some mini log cabins.  Then he spotted this which came with the latest Quilt Now:

And then he spotted these, which my lovely friend Dee sent (don’t tell him though, I’m pretty sure the scraps aren’t long enough):

And now he can’t decide, so he really needs your help in working out what sort of quilt he ought to have.  There are a few rules:

  • It must be machine sewable – my hands cannot take hand stitching, so please don’t suggest anything like EPP
  • It’s got to be big enough to cover him with a bit of overhang, so about 8″ x 8″
  • It can’t need me to buy any templates as I won’t have time to get them before we leave next week
  • If I happen to be able to make a matching pillow, that will be a bonus

He has also decided, once the bedding is done, that he needs a cushion for his rocking chair, he feels his delicate little bottom ought not to have to sit straight on the hard wood:

I told him he had plenty of padding in his bottom, but he told me to kiss his furry little backside:

So apparently we will be making a cushion too.

So if you have any idea for either of the above, do leave me a note in the comments!