I’m not entirely sure what state I’ll be in as you read this because on Tuesday I’ll have been playing bubble football and going out to dinner with my day job colleagues to celebrate a big code delivery.  I’m writing this on Monday, and am still in one piece, but I’ll keep you posted next week on how successful those bubbles are at saving you!

Anywho, last Friday I spent the evening at my gran’s with my mum’s cousins who were visiting from the US, then spent the rest of the weekend making a bee block with hundreds millions of pieces, including lots of tiny HSTs, before making a couple more KLT blocks to try and recover my sanity.  I’m still looking.

Finishes This Week:

Here is the offending bee block, another Brit Bee 15″ x 30″ wonder designed by Ange and made for Sarah.  There were a lot of lovers of this colour scheme on IG, so she’d better hope it makes it to her door in one piece ;o)

In Progress This Week:

The light wasn’t the best when I got home to get a good shot of the KLT latest, but it’s now up to 24/49 blocks, so nearly halfway there!  I have other things to do this weekend, so will be a while yet no doubt.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • QN projects
  • KLT blocks

What about you, what are you up to this week?