So this week has been all about chasing rainbows, well, that and getting my gran’s new bed.  It would be fair to say that after last week’s bubble football I had a lot of aches, so Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much a write off for anything other than eating, sleeping, oh, and working (a bit ;o) ).  I’d hoped to be sewing a new pattern, but the fabric didn’t arrive in time (in fact it only arrived yesterday over a week after I’d ordered and only after I chased up on it.  Won’t be shopping there again) so I figured I’d try and finish my KLT quilt if I could, in between spending Saturday at gran’s getting her old bed out, and new all singing, all dancing, or at least all lifting, bed in place.  I didn’t finish it unfortunately as I ran out of white bits and had to cut a ton more, but having got all but one block made by last night I’m hoping to finish tonight and then get a photo in my pet carpark before next week’s post.

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

With apologies for the terrible lighting on my design wall, here’s where I was yesterday after work, with 5 blue blocks to go:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • New pattern
  • Finishing the KLT monster

Hope you all have a great week!