It’s been a slightly mad week, I was working for most of the weekend, except for some time on Saturday that I took my gran up to see her friend who’s in a home, and then to do some shopping up at the Fort (with the obligatory trip round the M&S food hall)  I’m now doing some bizarre offset hours this week, so this morning I finished a Brit Bee block, and this afternoon I’ll be building a server.  As you do.  I’ll probably be working this coming weekend too, in between packing to go on holiday, oh, and going for an interview to be a volunteer at the European Championships next year.  I think I may just need to stroke fabric for a while, the time to sew with it will be somewhat lacking…  How about you, what are you up to?

Finishes This Week:

This Brit Bee block is hot off the ironing board this morning.  It’s for Ceri from Sarah’s pattern:

In Progress This Week:

I got a good way through this project, but then I hit a thread stumbling block – I just didn’t have any to go with the Kraftex :o/  I will find time to get to the shop to get some soon hopefully!

I’d really love to turn these new arrivals into pillow cases in time to go on holiday, but I think that may be a bit ambitious:

I also put all my scraps away – I totally need a new storage system from the Freezer ziploc bags, 3 of them are bursting open, and 2 have split at the zip seam bit.  I have an idea of making the containers from the scraps, but I’m not holding my breath on when I get to do it!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Packing
  • Getting to my holiday
  • Remembering to post my bee blocks before I go

What are your plans for the week?