When I saw that Anna Maria Horner had come out with her Floral Retrospective collection recently, I knew it was time to make myself some more pillowcases, as there was a whole new colour way of the Echinacea print that I made the pillowcases from which I currently use on my bed.  I wrote a tutorial on how to make these are part of the Finish Along Tutorials in January 2015 in case you want to give these a go yourself, I love it when I actually have a pattern already worked out for something, it makes it so much faster than my usual having to calculate everything from scratch!

Original fabrics:

New fabrics – I had to add in another print (Raindrops Poppies) as there wasn’t a voile to go with this one:

Original pillowcase:

New pillowcases, ready to take on holiday:

Have any of you tried making these?  If not, I recommend it, it’s lovely to have an entirely hand made bed (well, sheets excepted!)